How long is the completion period of a 2 ton gas heating boiler?

    Generally speaking, the heating time is from November 15 of each year to March 15 of the following year, about 120 days. If heating is needed in winter, you will need to start buying boilers in the fall. Some customers are worried that the boiler production time will be longer and they will not be able to catch up with heating. The following is a 2 ton gas heating boiler. Let's talk about boiler production, transportation, installation and commissioning. How long does the entire process last?


    Of course, if the boiler manufacturer has inventory, it is better to say that the transportation time is calculated according to the distance between the boiler manufacturer and the heating place. For the transportation period of up to several days, the boiler will reach the site, and the installation and commissioning will take up to one month. start operation.

    If the manufacturer does not have the spot, the process should be as follows: From the beginning of the contract, after the contract is signed, the customer must pay a certain percentage of the total amount of the contract as a deposit, receive the deposit, and the factory starts production. The production cycle of the 2 ton boiler is generally about 35 days. However, starting in July every year is a busy season for boiler production. If the sales of the factory are particularly hot, the construction period will be slightly longer, about 40-45 days. Together with one month of installation, commissioning and commissioning, the entire construction period is about 75 days. In other words, if you want to be ready before the start of heating - November 15th, you need to set the heating boiler supplier in early September.

    ZBG 2 ton gas heating boiler can burn natural gas, methanol, biogas, gas, etc. It is recommended to use WNS gas boiler, which adopts quick-load structure. The whole boiler is designed on a highly rigid base, which is convenient to install and transport, and saves space. Area, construction period is short.
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