What are the main auxiliary equipment of the ZBG boiler?

    If a industrial boiler wants to operate successfully without the help of auxiliary equipment, what auxiliary equipment does the boiler need to operate? As a boiler manufacturer with 73 years of production experience, ZBG currently provides the following boiler auxiliary equipment:

oil fired boiler

1. Air-inducing equipment: The flue gas generated in the operation of the boiler is sent to the atmosphere through an induced draft fan and a chimney.

2. Dust removal equipment: remove fly ash from boiler flue gas.

3. Fuel supply equipment: storage and transportation of fuel functions.

4. Water supply equipment: The feed water treated by the water treatment equipment is sent to the boiler by the feed water pump.

5. Dust removal and slag removal equipment: Remove ash from the boiler and transport it away.

6. Air supply equipment: The air heated by the air preheater is sent to the furnace and the coal grinding device by a blower.

    The above is only a preliminary analysis. If you want to know the specific situation or you wanna purchace industrial  boiler in ZBG, you are welcome to consult ZBG online according to actual needs!We will provide you with boiler details and a quotation for you to choose from as soon as possible.
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