what affects the industrial autoclave price

 In the AAC production, the autoclave curing is a very important step. For the  investor who want to invest in this equipment, the price is the key concern for them. However what factors will influence the AAC autoclave price?


1. The effective length of the autoclave:the longer the autoclave length is, the more expensive it will be.
2. The door open way: the space required for the traditional side open door is large, the price of which is much lower. The latest industrial autoclave adopts up open door which saves space and reduce the site cost.because the up-open-door autoclave is equipped with  weight box, its cost increased.
3.The automation degree of the industrial autoclave:the manually-open-door autoclave is the cheapest and the most labor-cost and leat effective; 
Pneumatic and hydraulic door open autoclave are equipped with a set of computer automation control system, which is fully automated operation, saving labor costs for the user, this type of autoclave is  relatively expensive.
4. the number of autoclave door : autoclave can be divided into two types: a through-type (open at both ends) and user proximally (open end).the through- type open is more suitable for the user with large enough budget.The autoclaved kettle can saves curing time to improve the efficiency. However, the user can choose an appropriate autoclave according to his own need. 
The work pressure: the autoclave’s wall thickness depends on its maximum pressure. More thicker the wall is , more expensive it will be.
 ZG boiler manufacture various autoclaves: up door autoclave,  side door autoclave, hydraulic door autoclave, electric door autoclave which adopts advanced technology and has high efficiency. The automation and intelligence of the Steam curing system will help realize the automatic promotion and demotion ,reduce the labor cost and improve the curing quality.

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