Why we encourage Biomass Fired CFB Boiler?

The development of biomass fired boilers is due to state policy to advocate renewable energy and to eliminate backward coal fired boiler. Biomass fired boiler gradually favored by the market. Especially, the biomass fired CFB boiler, adopts circulating fluidized bed combustion technology. Therefore, such boiler will face a huge space for development.
Biomass fired CFB boiler, namely biomass fired circulating fluidized bed boiler, benefits from inherent characteristics of the circulating fluidized bed combustion mode. According to professional studies, Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) process provides an ideal burning environment for a wide variety of fuels. The advantages of the biomass fired CFB boiler can be summarized as follows:
1、Fuel flexibility and multi-fuel firing
2、Low SO2 emissions due to efficient sulfur capture with limestone in the furnace
3、Low NOx emission due to low combustion temperature and air-staging
4、Low CO and CxHy due to turbulent conditions and good mixing
5、Secondary flue gas clean-up systems typically not neededBiomass Fired CFB boiler
6、Stable operating conditions and good turn-down ratio
7、Low resistance and high separating efficiency of separator and center cylinder
It can be learned, biomass fired CFB boiler with its many advantages will become the trend of industrial boiler in the future. The current trend is gradually from low-parameter to high-parameter. We believe that it will meet almost all the need of industries instead of the high cost equipment.

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