Egypt oil refinery industry boiler

Egypt oil refinery industry boiler

  • Usage: Industrial
  • Style: Horizontal
  • Structure:
  • Fuel:
  • Steam Pressure:
  • Certification: ISO&ASME&IBR
  • Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
  • Capacity:
  • Output: steam or hot water
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Packaging:standart export packing
  • Delivery:60days after payment
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
  • Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Product Description

Fired boilers are boilers in which fuel is burned in a combustion chamber (furnace) associated with the boiler. A majority of the fuel’s heat of combustion is absorbed by water in the boiler and converted to steam. Fired boilers most prevalent in the refining and chemical industries are water tube boilers. Water is heated and undergoes a phase change to steam as it flows through tubes. So oil refinery industry boiler can be water tube boilers, chain grate boilers, oil and gas fired boiler.

List of water tube boilers for sale to Egypt

Chain grate water tube boiler including DZL horizontal water tube chain grate boiler and SZL water tube shop-assemble chain grate boiler. DZL type has the features of quick pressure, bigger output, small occupation, high efficiency and so on. SZL series is a new type water-cooling arch and membrane water-cooling wall shop assemble boiler based on the features of field assemble arch.

Fuel and gas water tube boiler is a kind of double boiler barrel vertical type “D” type layout fast assembling boiler, has the advantages of high combustion efficiency, multiple protection function, safe and reliable operation, compact structure, small occupation area, and a good degree of flame.

Both type of water tube boiler can be used for Egypt oil refinery industry. The water tube boiler can also be used in Egypt food industry, weave factory, paper mill, school, chemical industry, hospital, sugar industry, clothing, hotel and laundry. The oil refinery industry boiler capacity 2 ton-300 ton.

Oil refinery industry boiler working principle

Industrial boilers for oil refinery industry contain steam at pressures below the critical pressure, which for water is 22,004.3 KPa (3,206.2 psia). Most industrial boilers operate at a steam pressure of 2,068 KPa (g) (300 psig) or less. Most other refinery boilers operate at steam pressures between 2,068 KPa (g) (300 psig) and 6,895 KPa(g) (1000 psig). Approximately sixty percent of the boilers used to manufacture chemicals operate with a steam pressure in the range of 2,068 KPa (g) (300 psig) to 6,895 KPa(g) (1000 psig).

In water tube boilers the water is on the inside of the tubes and the hot combustion gasses are located on the outside the tubes for oil refinery industry. Water tube boilers cover the full range of operating pressures and are typically specified for steam capacities greater than 4,536 kg/hr (10,000 lb/hr).

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Boiler for oil refinery industry in Egypt

As we all know, Egypt possesses the largest oil refinery capacity in Africa 726,000 bbl/d (in 2012). In 2013, Egypt was the largest consumer of oil and natural gas in Africa. So the oil refinery industry boiler is prevalent in Egypt.

With 70 years’ experience in boiler manufacturing, ZG Boiler is in the leading role in the domestic market. We have a range of industrial boilers, foaming machine steam boiler, textile plant boiler, food industry boiler, weave factory boiler, central heating boiler, oil refinery boiler. The boiler for oil refinery industry has played an important role in Egypt daily oil processing and manufacturing. 

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