10 ton oil & gas fired boiler working in Bangladesh

Oil & gas fired boiler as a type boiler use oil, gas, diesel oil, natural gas and other liquid fuel as the fuel. WNS series 10 ton 1.25 Mpa fuel and gas fired boiler has international popular three pass wet back structure. The boiler for sale to Bangladesh has advanced corrugated furnace structure, which not only can increase the heat transfer area, and also satisfy the free expansion after the furnace is being heated.

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Technical parameters of oil & gas fired boiler in Bangladesh

1. Type of boiler: 3 Pass, wet back, horizontal, fire tube boiler.
2. Steam Capacity: 10 ton/hr.
3. Working (steam output) Pressure: 20 bar.
4. Design Pressure: 24 bar.
5. Saturation steam temp: 220℃ (according to relative chart)
6. Fuel type: Dual (Natural gas + Diesel)
7. Boiler efficiency: min 90% without economizer
8. Feed water temperature: 90℃
9. Inlet gas pressure: 2 – 20 psi
10. Calorific value of natural gas: 9.3kw/nm3
11. Burner turn down ratio: 1:4 with Fully automatic control.
12. Boiler construction: ASME/ CE/IBR/ISO code
13. Boiler base construction: Heavy steel structure.

Oil & gas fired boiler price in Bangladesh

The price of 10 ton oil & gas fired boiler is determined by many factors, like boiler body, boiler capacity, boiler certification, boiler pressure, boiler structure, boiler accessories, etc. The boiler oil gas fired have necessary accessories / devices for smooth and economical operation of Boiler

1. Sample collection system of Blow down water.
2. Steam non-return valve at feed water line.
3. Pressure gauge manifold isolating valve.

Exporter of 10 ton oil gas boiler in Bangladesh

ZG Boiler has 70 years’ experience in industrial oil fired boiler and industrial gas fired boiler exporting. 10 ton boilers are manufactured by ZG Boiler including 10 ton oil fired steam boiler, 10 ton gas fired boiler, 10 ton chain grate boiler, 10 ton biomass fired steam boiler, etc. Oil & gas fired boiler can be widely used for Bangladesh textile industry, silk processing industry, paper mill, sugar industry, greenhouse heating, building heating, slaughterhouse heating, etc. for the high temperature and pressure steam and hot water the boiler produced.

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