10 ton oil steam boiler for producing wood

    On August 15, 2018, a timber processing plant in Vietnam ordered a 10 ton oil steam  boiler from our company for wood processing. Our company's fast assembling gas and oil boilers of less than 20 tons are easy to transport and are favored by foreign customers.

    Check out the 10 ton oil steam boiler and our sales manager will give you good price.
ZBG 10 ton oil steam boiler
10 ton oil steam boiler

Model:light oil fired Steam Boiler
Structure:fire tube boiler
Brand:ZBG Boiler
Usage:Food factory boiler,textile factory boiler,garment factory boiler,chemical factory boiler,foam factory boiler,etc.
The advantages of using a 10 ton oil steam boiler in a wood processing plant:

A. Prevent cracking and deformation of wood. When the moisture in the wood is removed from the air, especially when the moisture content of the wood is below the fiber saturation point of the wood, it causes a shrinkage of the volume of the wood. If the shrinkage is uneven, the wood will crack or deform. If the wood is dried to a level suitable for the environment to be used or the state required for use, the volumetric size of the wood can be kept relatively stable and durable.
B. Improve the mechanical strength of wood and improve the physical properties and processing conditions of wood. When the moisture content of the wood is below the fiber saturation point, the physical and mechanical strength of the wood increases with its decrease; at the same time, the wood is also easy to be sawed and planed, reducing the loss of woodworking machinery.
C. Prevent mold, decay and insects from occurring in wood. If the moisture content of the wood is dried below 20%, the conditions for mold production in the wood are destroyed, which enhances the ability of the wood to resist mildew, decay and insects, and maintains the original characteristics of the wood.
D. The weight of the wood is reduced and the transportation capacity is improved. The dried wood can be reduced in weight by 30%-40%. It can greatly improve the transportation capacity of wood; prevent mold and decay in the transportation of wood, and ensure the quality of wood.
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