100 tph biomass fired boiler for electricity generation in Pakistan

Renewable energy technologies can help Pakistan meet their policy goals for secure, reliable and affordable energy to expand electricity access and promote development. 100 tph biomass fired boiler as a high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental-friendly product which use biomass fuel such as bulk straw or stalks, shaped biomass fuel.


How a biomass boiler generate electricity power?

Biomass can be converted into electric power through several methods. The most common is direct combustion of biomass material, such as agricultural waste or woody materials. Other options include gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. Gasification produces a synthesis gas with usable energy content by heating the biomass with less oxygen than needed for complete combustion. Pyrolysis yields bio-oil by rapidly heating the biomass in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic digestion produces a renewable natural gas when organic matter is decomposed by bacteria in the absence of oxygen.


In a direct combustion system, biomass is burned in a combustor or furnace to generate hot gas, which is fed into a boiler to generate steam, which is expanded through a steam turbine or steam engine to produce mechanical or electrical energy.

Advantages of biomass fired boiler for power generation

1. Reduces the need for fossil fuels.
2. Biomass crops produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.
3. Biomass waste is used in the production of steam rather than going to landfill.
4. Local generation of electricity reduces losses normally experienced in the transfer of electricity from large power stations to users.
5. The use of biomass fuels provide an economic incentive to manage woodland, which improves diversity.
6. Compared with other renewable energy generation, the availability of biomass generating plants is above 90% compared to say on shore wind generation at 30%.
7. A biomass plant can base load, respond to frequency changes and load demand as well as 30 ton biomass fired boiler.

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Cost of 100 tph biomass fired boiler in Pakistan

Cost can be measured in a number of different ways, and each way of accounting for the cost of power generation brings its own insights. The costs that can be examined include equipment costs (e.g. wind turbines, PV modules, solar reflectors), financing costs, total installed cost, fixed and variable operating and maintenance costs (O&M), exporting to Pakistan cost, package cost, fuel costs and the levelised cost of energy (LCOE), if any.

The cost of equipment at ZG Boiler gate is often available from market surveys or from other sources. We always provide best price and service for our customers.

In a word, 100 tph biomass fired boiler has been gained good reputation from our Pakistan customers in power generation. Except for electricity generation, biomass fired boiler can also be applied in thermal power plant, CHP plant and a large scale of central heating in Pakistan.

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