1.4 MW hot water boiler in Russia

The QXX high-speed external circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler produced by the Zhengzhou Boiler Group is widely used in the heating systems of cities, various enterprises, and the heat supply of heating companies. This type of boiler adopts indoor layout and can also be arranged in the open air, and can be used for burning anthracite. The lower calorific value fuels such as bituminous coal, lignite and coal gangue have significant environmental protection and energy saving effects, and they have a wide range of load regulation. They are the preferred products for urban centralized heating and have high economic and environmental benefits.  


The QXX high-speed external circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler has a simple and compact structure, and the boiler body consists of combustion equipment, coal feeding device, water cooling system, separator, economizer, air preheater, steel frame, escalator, furnace wall, etc. , All-steel structure. Energy-saving Circulating Fluidized Bed Hot Water Boiler The combustion chamber, separator and tail flue are arranged in sequence from the front of the furnace to ensure good sealing performance. Full-membrane wall sealing structure is adopted in the high-temperature area, full-hanging type, and fixed expansion center The integrated expansion of the material leg and the furnace water wall will increase the reliability of operation and reduce the heat loss. The coal feeder is arranged in front of the furnace. The air required for combustion is provided by the first and second fans respectively. The fuel generates a large amount of flue gas in the furnace and carries the material. The separator separates the flue gas and the material. The separated material is returned to the feeder. Return to the furnace to re-burn. By regulating the amount of coal to be fed, the primary air and secondary air volume and the ratio thereof, and the bed inventory, the temperature in the bed can be easily adjusted.

Two 1.4 MW hot water boilers exported to Russia are used for greenhouse heating. Brought good and profitable for customers. If you need a hot water boiler. Please contact us for relevant information.


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