16 Ton waste heat recovery steam boiler in Egypt

 As a boiler manufacturer with 73 years of production experience, ZBG continues to innovate and improve. After absorbing the advantages of similar boilers abroad, the patented waste heat boiler developed by our company for this industry is the first in China, with unique structure and economic performance. Last month, a glass factory in Egypt ordered a 16 ton waste heat steam boiler from our company with a pressure of 0.9 MPa.

ZBG hazardous waste heat boilers and medical waste heat boilers mainly have two types of water pipes and smoke pipes. According to the characteristics of the waste treatment process, the waste heat boiler plays an extremely important role in preventing the formation of dioxin-like harmful substances, and the waste heat boiler has good adaptability to waste incineration flue gas.
waste heat boiler
Capacity: ≥ 3 steam tons
Thermal efficiency: 50-55%
Applicable fuel: hazardous waste incineration
Applications: Hazardous waste, medical waste waste heat power generation, central heating
Performance advantage of 
Full membrane water wall structure:
The heat transfer efficiency is high and the sealing performance is good, which solves the defects of large leakage of the traditional boiler, high heat loss and high energy consumption of the system.
Fully automatic shock soot blower:
With patented technical support, it effectively reduces the pollution of fly ash on the heating surface of the boiler, thus maximizing the life of the boiler and ensuring the efficiency of the boiler. It solves the problem that the traditional boiler is damaged by the dust or steam soot. Shortcomings such as wear and tear.
Principle of inertial separation:
The boiler adopts the principle of inertial separation to realize the two-stage gas and solid separation in the furnace, which solves the shortcomings of the traditional boiler relying only on the natural sedimentation of fly ash, low dust removal efficiency and serious pollution.
Closed ash device:
The lower part of the boiler ash hopper adopts a closed ash-discharging device to realize the flue gas side sealing and automatic dust cleaning, which solves the shortcomings of the traditional boiler relying on manual cleaning ash low efficiency and labor intensity.
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