2 ton coal fired hot water boiler for heating in Mongolia

2 ton coal fired hot water boiler is a horizontal DZL series packaged boiler, which has the benefits of small occupation, bigger output and high efficiency. The boiler for sale to Mongolia has adopted the advanced technology and is in the leading role in the world. 2 ton boiler has special design, which adopts side seal cooling and angle iron reinforce plates.

Situation about heating boiler in Mongolia

As for Mongolia resources, Mongolia has rich coal. In March 2011, six big mining companies prepared to bid for the Tavan Tolgoi area, the world's largest untapped coal deposit. So it is economical for Mongolia to install coal fired hot water boiler. As for climate, most of the country is hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter, with January averages dropping as low as −30 °C (−22 °F). In winter the whole of Mongolia comes under the influence of the Siberian Anticyclone. So the heating issue is an important problem in Mongolia. Boiler installed for heating can be used for greenhouse, mushroom, slaughterhouse, paper mill, diary house and other industries.

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Coal fired hot water boiler for heating

1 ton boiler can produce 600,000 calories and the heating area is 6,000 ㎡. 2 ton coal fired hot water boiler heating area is 8,000-12,000 ㎡ in Mongolia. Certainly, ZG Boiler has taken all kinds of factors into consideration. After analyzing, 8,000 and 12,000㎡ is the minimum value that the most cooling area heating and Southern area heating can reach. That’s to say, if we only consider the actual factor, the coal fired hot water boiler will reach far beyond your expectations! We also have wood pellet fired boiler for heating.

Coal fired hot water boiler for sale

As the largest industrial boiler, power plants and pressure vessels manufacturer in the Western China, the boiler for sale has a history of 70 years. Except Mongolia, the coal fired hot water boilers have been for sale to South Africa, America, Australia, Pakistan, Congo, Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, England, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, etc.

Coal fired hot water boiler for sale to heating in Mongolia. Besides, the boiler supplying high temperature steam and hot water for Mongolia laundry room, paper making, printing process, chili sauce, biscuit making, greenhouse, hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, bathroom and other industries. With best price and quality, coal fired hot water boiler has become more and more popular. 

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