30 tons of biomass chain boiler in Colombia

For many in the industry, a chain grate boiler is a traditional high-mechanical boiler powered by coal. Biomass boiler is a newly developed environmental protection and energy-saving boiler. Its advantages are good social and economic benefits. However, the biomass chain boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Group broke this concept.

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A 30-ton biomass chain boiler was put into production in Colombia. According to customer feedback, this biomass chain boiler can operate safely and stably, providing sufficient power for production. Saves the company's fuel and operating costs. Biomass-chain boiler can both burn biomass and coal, while Zhengguo's biomass chain grate boilers have the energy-saving and emissions-reducing characteristics of coal-fired boilers. They are fully compliant with international environmental protection. Relevant regulations; if users want to follow the fuel trend to select biomass fuel, they only need to change the equipment without changing the equipment. At the same time, the biomass chain furnace also has the advantages of a traditional chain furnace. The equipment has a high degree of mechanicality, which can reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. Therefore, the biomass chain boiler can be said to combine the advantages of a biomass boiler and a chain furnace.

Biomass chain furnaces are also used in many industrial sectors in Colombia. Because of its advanced technology and environmental protection advantages, it has been recognized and praised by the market. In addition to Colombia, there are many countries that use biomass chain furnaces. These can prove the excellence of this product

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