35 ton chain grate coal fired steam boiler in Venezuela

 This is a 35ton chain grate coal fired steam boiler that we exported to a paper mill in Venezuela last August.The chain grate boiler in this paper mill are used to generate steam for power and process systems. High pressure steam is generated for steam turbine generator sets to produce electric power. Medium and low pressure steam is used for various process heating applications such as heating and softening pulp wood chips for further reduction by chemicals to make wood pulp.

Chain grate coal fired steam boiler:
chain grate coal boiler

Brief introduction:

SHL series chain grate boiler is the fourth generation chain grate boiler with double drums and vertical structure. 82% thermal efficiency, higher than that of the conventional coal fired boiler.

Performance advantage

Available to burn low grade fuel

a. Longer Fuel Combustion Period. Front arch is higher and shorter than rear arch, 45° angle between the two arches, which can extend the time of flue gas combustion time, and enhance thermal transferring efficiency.
b. It can burn low calorific value coal such as brown coal, lean coal, and semi coke.

The grate operates stably

a. It adopts Global Environmental Facility special slag removal technology, and small flake gate, to overcome technical problem such as grate flakes falling off and air leakage, so that the grate can be operated stably and the combustion efficiency is greatly improved.
b. The boiler grate adopts double layers or single layer layout structure, which can meet the customers requirements better.

Fuel utilization is improved

Unique two times wind feeding structure extends the staying time of the fuel in the furnace, fuel adaptability and utilization is improved.
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