35 tons of waste heat boiler in Pakistan

A waste heat boiler is a boiler that heats water to a certain temperature by using the waste heat generated in the waste gas, waste, or waste fluids of various industrial processes and the heat generated by the combustion of combustible materials. The waste heat boiler has features such as full combustion, high efficiency, and high safety. In Pakistan, waste heat boilers are widely used in industrial and corporate fields.

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In recent years, with the rising prices of various energy sources, people have to consider their operating costs when using boilers. The waste heat recovery boiler is the best way to save energy. More and more countries and companies have chosen such boilers. In Basstein, waste heat boilers are used in petroleum coke calcining projects, food manufacturing, carbon, chemicals, hazardous waste incineration and other industries. The waste heat boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. is tailor-made for each industry. According to the development of the company, the utilization of resources is maximized. Making full use of waste energy can not only improve resource utilization, save costs, but also protect the environment.

Through the feedback of a 35-ton heat recovery boiler user who was exported to Pakistan, he gave a great affirmation to the waste heat boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. For the company to bring greater benefits and good social benefits, I believe that after-heat boiler will develop faster.

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