45 ton ASME wood chips fired biomass boiler in Canada

ASME certification wood chips biomass boiler technology is an economical and renewable energy resource alternative for Canada with low fuel costs, consistent heating requirements, and close proximity to biomass sources. The boiler can be used for Canada wood processing, textile plants, paper mill, school, heating areas, sugar industry and other industries.

Canada is unusual among developed countries in the importance of its primary sector, in which the forestry and petroleum industries are two of the most prominent components. So Canada has rich resources of biomass fuel, wood chips and wood pellets. The biomass fired boiler for sugar industry, printing industry, fishery industry and other industries are installed in Canada has become popular in recent years.

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Introduction to 45 ton wood chips biomass boiler

Main parameters:
Rated steam capacity: 45t/h (45 ton, 45 t, 45 tonne, 45 ton/hr)
Rated steam pressure: 3.82Mpa
Rated steam temperature: 450℃
Feeding water temperature: 104℃
Boiler safety operation range: 70%~100%
Fuel consumption: 10807Kg/h
Combustion type: layer combustion
Design thermal efficiency: 87.5%
The designed fuel: peanut shell, biomass, wood chips, wood pellet, shaped biomass fuel, coal, etc.

The boiler adopts self-supporting membrane water wall structure, which is national patent technology.
The fuel peanut shell or other fuels burn, the ash and slag can be used as the agricultural fertilizer directly. It is energy-saving, efficient and environmental-friendly.
Using clean combustion technology to burn the fuel wood chips.
Based on ZG Boiler’s experience of biomass boiler and solid fuel boiler, the biomass wood chips fired boiler is designed to make itself optimized to a variety of biomass fuels with high efficiency just as well as 45 ton corner tube biomass fired boiler.
Strictly in accordance with ASME and ISO standards.

Example of wood chip biomass boiler—building heating

Biomass heating technology is potentially applicable to any building with an installed hot water heating distribution system; however, deployment potential will vary, depending on the operational efficiency of existing heating equipment and other factors. The cost effectiveness is also dependent upon the amount of time that the boiler is operational during the year. For example, buildings in Canada colder climates are better candidates for this technology. Also, biomass fuel wood chips can be expensive to transport, so the proximity of the biomass source is an important consideration. Therefore, the key economic factors are the current cost of fuel oil, the delivered cost of wood pellets, and the amount of heating required annually at the facility.

Wood as a heating fuel

Higher heating value (HHV) = theoretical heat available from 0% moisture content wood, burned with stoichiometric air/fuel ratio, and including recovery of latent heat (condensation and cooling of water vapor produced during combustion.
HHV0%mc = 8660 Btu/lb
Higher heating value (HHV) as function of moisture content
HHVBTU/lb =8660(1−0.010766w+0.00006333w2)
w = moisture content (%)
LHVBTU/lb =7950−90.34w Lower heating value of wood does not include the latent heat associated with water vapor produced as the wood is burned. w = moisture content (%)

ASME wood chips biomass boiler manufacturer

As a prominent and professional boiler manufacturer, ZG Boiler has obtained ASME and ISO certification for many years. 45 ton biomass boiler wood chips fired on sale in Canada can continuously work for a long time and has played a significant role in the daily life. Customers installed wood chip biomass boiler for the sake of fuel benefits. More information about ASME biomass fired boiler, please contact us

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