6 ton chain grate boiler for gas supply

From 2016 onwards, the market for waste heat boilers, which has been growing steadily, is even more rapid. Whether it is the industrial waste heat boiler equipment such as carbon waste heat boilers or waste heat boilers, or the typical recycling economy of hazardous waste waste heat and waste heat furnaces. Equipment has been widely favored. In March 2017, UAE’s corporate customers ordered three 15 t waste heat boilers from the Zhengzhou Boiler Group, which are all the advantages of Zhengzhou Boiler Group, occupying a small area and saving investment. The structure is novel and the performance is superior. It is the leading domestic level. . The equipment for this project has now completed the water pressure test and is expected to be put into use in February 2018.

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Low resistance, the boiler body adopts equal flow rate and low flow rate design, body resistance is 900Pa during design conditions, which is beneficial to combine with other equipment and reduce system power consumption, long service life, inverted U-shaped arrangement, long service life, Operation and maintenance is simple, economical and safe, and it is fully applicable to float glass furnace production lines that use heavy oil or natural gas fuels. Good sealing performance, using light shield all-welded furnace wall structure, the connection between the guard plate and the steel frame adopts a flexible sealing structure to ensure that the joints between the guard plate and the steel frame are not removed due to thermal expansion during the operation of the boiler; The plate-furnace wall part adopts a comb-shaped plate all-welded sealing structure to reduce the boiler air leakage. With neat appearance, the float glass waste heat recovery boiler is arranged on the heating surface in a large number of small R-bend radii, making the overall structure of the boiler more compact and neat appearance.

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