65 tons of gas fired boiler in Pakistan

Oil-fired gas boilers are boilers that are both fuel and gas-fired. This type of boiler has the advantages of full combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation, and easy installation; it is an ideal type of boiler with high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, and safe and reliable operation. The high-efficiency, low-consumption, low-pollution green environmental protection products; combined with the implementation of the national coal-fired boilers strong reform policy, this series of boilers will play a very important role in the field of future thermal equipment applications.


The fuel gas boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Group adopts a mechanical and electrical integrated structure, which is generous in appearance, compact in structure, less in space, convenient in transportation, and less in infrastructure investment. It not only complies with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also meets the heat energy required for the project; In use, this type of boiler is truly clean burning, pollution-free emission, convenient operation, adequate output.

Gas boilers exported to Pakistan have the advantages of high automation, long service life, and good environmental protection. The client company is located in an agglomeration area dominated by fine chemicals, and the main heat demand is production steam. Gas-fired boilers are currently one of the preferred applications for the production of steam supply, power generation and heating in many areas. The applicable fuels are various types of high- and low-calorific gases or combustible gases. The use of electromechanical integration control equipment and programmable logic controller (PLC) joint control. An advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) is the "central processor" of the control system. The control system operates through the touch screen, which greatly enhances the degree of automation control and operation reliability of the boiler, and the operation is more simple and intuitive.

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