80 ton biomass fired boiler in Chile

As an energy-saving and environmental-friendly boiler, biomass fired boiler has become more and more popular in Chile in recent years. The boiler uses shaped biomass fuel, such as wood pellet, rice husk, agriculture waste, wood chips, saw dust, coffee husk, palm shell, etc. as the fuel directly, which can improve the common people’s daily life and living standard.

Agriculture in Chile encompasses a wide range of different activities due to its particular geography. Chile has rich resources of tree, logging, forestry, wood pellet and agriculture waste. It is suitable and economical for Chili to install biomass fired boiler.

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Main parameters

Rated evaporation capacity: 80t/h
Rated steam pressure: 3.82MPa
Feed water temperature: 104-150℃
Rated steam temperature: 450℃
Exhaust gas temperature: -128.7℃
Design thermal efficiency: 88.9 %

Example of biomass fired boiler application---steam and electricity generation

80 tph biomass fired boiler uses heat to convert water into steam for a variety of applications. Primary among these are electric power generation and industrial process heating.

The process of generating electricity from steam comprises the following parts: a firing subsystem (biomass combustion), a steam subsystem (boiler and steam delivery system), a steam turbine with electric generator, as well as a feed water and condensate system.

High temperature, high pressure steam is generated in the 80 ton boiler and then enters the steam turbine. Steam turbines have a series of blades mounted on a shaft against which steam is forced, thus rotating the shaft connected to the generator. In the steam turbine, the thermal energy of the steam is converted to mechanical work. Low pressure steam exits the turbine. In power plants steam is generally extracted from the turbine at about 150 – 200 pounds per square inch (psi) for use in higher temperature operations, such as the digesters, and at about 50 psi for use in lower temperature operations such as the evaporators. Some of the steam may also be condensed on the condenser tubes.

We have rich experience in power generation areas. The 100 tph biomass fired boiler for power generation in Pakistan has been operating well and has gained a range of good feedbacks. Besides, 100 tph biomass fired boiler for sugar industry is also popular in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, etc.

Exporter of 80 ton biomass boiler in Chili

Since 1945, ZG Boiler has exporting all kinds of industrial boilers, power plants and pressure vessels to the worldwide. In the global markets, the biomass fired boiler project in Chile meet the demand of the customers and has played an important role in Chile industrial areas.

Biomass fired boiler with special design of high efficiency and quality for sale to Chile. The boiler is independent developed by ZG Boiler which has obtained Class A Boiler Manufacture License, ISO certification and ASME certification. More information about biomass fired boiler, please feel free to contact us. 

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