AAC autoclave in Russia

AAC autoclave in Russia needs large

Autoclaved aerated concrete combines insulation and structural capability in one material for walls, floors, and roofs. Its light weight/cellular properties make it easy to cut, shave, and shape, accept nails and screws readily, and allow it to be routed to create chases for electrical conduits and small-diameter plumbing runs. This gives it design and construction flexibility, and the ability to make easy adjustments in the field.

Durability and dimensional stability. A cement-based material, AAC resists water, rot, mold, mildew, and insects. Units are precisely shaped and conform to tight tolerances.

Fire resistance is excellent, with eight inch thick AAC achieving a four-hour rating (actual performance exceeds that and meets test requirements for up to eight hours). And because it is noncombustible, it will not burn or give off toxic fumes.

The light weight means that R-values for AAC are comparable to conventional frame walls, but they have higher thermal mass, provide air tightness, and as just noted, are not combustible. That light weight also gives a high sound reduction for privacy, both from outside noises and from other rooms when used as interior partition walls.

AAC autoclave in Russia

AAC autoclave in Russia widely application

Extensive use of AAC autoclave, AAC autoclave is widely used in concrete piles, sand-lime brick, fly ash bricks, porous calcium silicate board, autoclave curing asbestos insulation, high strength gypsum and other building materials. Apply to wood drying and preservative treatment, heavy metal smelting, coal oil seepage invasion firebrick, glass steam curing, high pressure processing chemical products, canned food temperature and high pressure processing, pulp cooking, cable vulcanization and other chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, industrial and other needs pressure steam curing production process of production projects.



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