How to choose a oil and gas fired boiler

1. Safety and long service life: The structure of fuel gas boiler should avoid "corner welding" and "conical" furnace as much as possible. The boiler has low stress, and the corrugated furnace and full-flange butt welds are used.
2, the boiler output is sufficient: the fuel gas boiler has a large heating surface (high heat exchange capacity)
3, fuel gas boiler high efficiency, energy saving: fuel gas boiler heating surface is large, the heating surface is arranged reasonably, the boiler insulation is good (heat loss is small)
4. Adaptability of boiler load change: fuel gas boiler has large steam space and large steam storage capacity. Opening and opening small steam valve has little effect on pressure change in boiler (because the pressure change in the pot will affect the change of steam supply temperature), Therefore, the diameter or shape of the shell is relatively large, and the load adaptability is good.
5, mechanical and electrical integration: fuel gas boiler water supply, pressure protection, water shortage protection (must be multiple protection), flameout protection, gas pressure and leakage protection, centralized control of multiple boilers, remote control, various linkages and protection High level, reliable, and easy to operate.
6, fuel gas boiler maintenance and repair: fuel gas boiler bottom must be the beginning of the hole, easy to check the scale inside the pot and clean the mud, the front and rear smoke box is easy to open, no smoke.
7. Beautiful appearance: beautiful shape, fine craftsmanship, high outsourcing strength, good lap joint, long-lasting paint and good visual sense;
8. The quality of fuel gas boilers is good: the electrical, water pump, valves and meters of fuel gas boilers must be of high quality and reliable.
9. It must comply with the national energy conservation and environmental protection standards.

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Zhengzhou Boiler Group WNS type oil and gas fired boiler is a boiler product developed in cooperation with German technology, and all technical indicators have reached the world advanced level. This type of boiler is truly clean, clean, non-polluting, easy to operate, and has sufficient output. If you want to ask about the boiler price, please feel free to contact our online customer service.

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