Hydraulic door autoclave in Ukraine

The use of autoclave is very extensive, and it is widely used in the autoclaved curing of building materials such as concrete blocks with aerated concrete blocks, lime sand bricks, coal ash bricks, microporous calcium silicate boards, heat-insulating asbestos boards, and high-strength gypsum. The automatic hydraulic door autoclave produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Group is sold all over the world and has received wide acclaim from customers. The product has the following advantages.
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1. High safety factor: Hydraulic automatic safety interlocking system is designed and manufactured according to TSG R0004-2009 "Safety Supervision Regulations for Fixed Pressure Vessels" 3.20. Through the computer to issue instructions to control the hydraulic system to control the opening and closing of the kettle door, an empty electric control valve (or solenoid valve) is used to control the inlet pressure boosting and the steaming and holding pressure.

2. Safe, reliable and longevity: ANSYS finite element analysis was performed on the components of the autoclave and the kettle body to increase the service life of the autoclave.

3. Typical heat treatment process: The butt weld of the lid of the kettle cover and the flange of the kettle cover adopts double-sided automatic arc welding, 100% inspection and overall heat treatment after welding, eliminating the forging stress and welding stress. The welding and heat treatment process is in an absolute leading position in the field of international autoclave production.

The autoclave sold to Ukraine brought good benefits to customers. Safe and reliable process ensures normal production. If you need to buy autoclave, please contact us.

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