Price of 6 ton gas fired boilers for palm oil production

    On September 2, 2018, a Malaysian palm oil manufacturer ordered a 6 ton gas boiler from our company. This 6 ton gas boiler has a pressure of 13 bar and is easy to transport and install. As a boiler manufacturer with 73 years of production experience, our company's gas boilers are of high quality and competitive price, which is very popular among foreign and domestic customers.If you wanna know the price of gas fired boilers,look the following,plz.

6 ton gas boiler technical parameters:
6 ton gas boiler
Model: WNS10-1.25-Q(Y)
Rated evaporation t/h: 6
Rated steam pressure: 13
Feed water temperature °C: 20
Rated steam temperature: 194
Heating area m2: 183.8
Water volume m3: 17.88
Dimensions mm: 6519×2736×3139
Boiler weight t: 18.3
Boiler efficiency%: 93.56
Applicable fuel: light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, city gas, etc.
There are many factors affecting the price of 6 ton gas boilers, users must choose the specific parameters of the boiler, in order to achieve accurate quotation.
1, the model of the boiler
2. Boiler configuration
3, burner manufacturers and brands
4. The service content included in the contract, such as installation, transportation, commissioning, etc.;
    ZBG gas boilers continue to improve the optimized structure with the efforts of several chief engineers. And our gas boiler price is also very fair, so that customers are very satisfied. ZBG gas boilers are in a leading position in the country, and we produce small tonnage gas boilers that are easy to install, eliminating many installation problems for our customers.
    If you are interested in the price of gas boiler or other fuel type boilers of ZBG,contact us,plz.We will provide you with boiler details and a quotation for you to choose from as soon as possible.
Boiler Price inquiry contact:
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Wechat/Phone number:+86 15038178617

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