The advantages of oil and gas fired boiler

Nowadays,there are many types of boilers. Why do we choose oil and gas fired boiler by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd.?

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                    oil and gas fired boiler

Four reasons to choose our oil and gas fired boiler

First of all, it sufficient heating,both energy saving and high efficiency. The radiating surface of the boiler is a fully corrugated furnace with high heat utilization. The fuel can be fully burned, reducing waste residue.

Then, the boiler burns with low nitrogen, which is clean and environmentally friendly. It uses staged combustion technology, FGR flue gas recycling technology and FPB full premixed combustion technology. Nitrogen oxide emissions are less than 30 mg/m³.

In addition, it is compact and easy to operate. The boiler adopts an integral quick-load design, and the burner and the pipeline instrument are integrated to save space. It is very convenient to maintain and overhaul.

Finally, it is multiple-protected and safe and reliable. The boiler uses an automatic burner with ignition program control and overpressure, flameout protection. It is equipped with a full set of safety protection devices to ensure safe and reliable boiler operation .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

In summary, our company's oil and gas fired boiler brings you less cost and more returns.


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