Waste heat boiler for Carbon rotary kiln

The project was built by Zhengzhou Boiler Group. The project site is located in Vietnam. The carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler generates electricity through the waste heat boiler, and the water vaporization pressurizes the high-speed operation of the steam turbine unit into electric energy. The safe and stable access to the company's internal power supply system effectively increases the overall utilization rate of resources, significantly reduces energy consumption, and promotes resources. Savings and comprehensive utilization.


Carbon kiln waste heat is used for power generation, which is equivalent to reducing the power supply of the power grid. Under normal production conditions, 3 sets of generator set 2 are used with 1 standby, the annual generating time is about 5400 hours, and the generating capacity is about 0.648 billion kWh, which is equivalent to 7963 tons of standard coal. The annual savings in electricity bills amounted to RMB 22.68 million. At the same time, it also saved indirectly the raw coal used for power generation and increased the overall efficiency of power supply. Recycling and recycling of carbon rotary kiln exhaust gas can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,106 tons per year, increasing the economic benefits of the company and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.

The waste heat boilers customized by the Zhengzhou Boiler Group according to the carbon industry can recycle waste energy. With full combustion, clean and efficient, high security features. Can effectively reduce energy consumption, promote resource conservation, economic performance leading position.

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