Boiler suitable for the winery

As we all know, many industrial fields need to use boilers, they are used to provide steam, hot water, heating and so on. So, for the winery, what boiler is the most appropriate?

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First, distillers bagasse water-containing biomass boilers can be said to be a good choice. Boiler fuel can be made of more hydrated formed wine trough biomass pellets, bagasse biomass pellets, or can be produced using coal burning, with high thermal efficiency, low operating costs, and long-term trouble-free operation. Winery production waste can be recycled and used as an environmentally friendly energy-saving boiler.                      

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Then, the SZS series chain great boiler can be regarded as the common boiler type for the current industrial gas supply, and the steam quality is the biggest advantage of the SZS boiler. This kind of steam boiler adopts a “D” type energy-saving structure, which has high combustion efficiency and no pollution. Among the currently used boilers in international distillery, the SZS natural gas steam boiler has the largest occupancy and is widely used.

The environmental advantages of biomass fuels determine the environmental characteristics of biomass boilers. After the fast installation of the biomass boiler in the Zhengzhou Boiler Group, the arch is low and long, the exit section is counter-tilt, and the front arch angle of 45° echoes the rear arch, forming an apparent inverted “α” flame, which is not only beneficial to the combustion of biomass fuel, but also beneficial to The combustion of inferior coal provides more references for boiler selection in wineries.

More and more wineries choose to use biomass boilers, because it can save fuel costs, reduce costs, achieve the use of production waste, and protect the environment and received favorable comments from the market.

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