Paper mill exclusive boiler

Paper mill production can not be separated from the boiler and steam. Both boiler cooking and drying require the use of boilers. Most of the paper industry is using coal-fired boilers. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, circulating fluidized bed boilers are becoming more and more popular.

Because pulp and paper mills produce a lot of wastes such as bark, waste wood, and black liquor in the production process, they are treated with a fluidized bed boiler to burn these wastes. They can treat both coal waste and steam. For production. This will not only save the manpower and space for burying waste, but also increase the economic efficiency of the plant. Circulating fluidized bed boilers are widely adaptable to pulping and papermaking enterprises due to their wide fuel adaptability, fast adjustment speed, high combustion efficiency, good desulfurization effect, and a variety of comprehensive utilization of ash slag.

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In the future, industrial boilers will tend to adopt clean fuels and use clean combustion technologies. In the future, the proportion of small-capacity coal-fired boilers in large and medium-sized cities will continue to decline, and boilers using clean combustion technology such as circulating fluidized beds will continue to develop rapidly. Gas-fired boilers will have greater progress, and will use domestic garbage and biomass boilers. The potential will also be enormous.

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