Autoclave for wood processing

Autoclave for wood processing

  • Internal diameter: 1.65-3.2m
  • Max working pressure: 1.0-1.5Mpa
  • Designed Pressure:1.1-1.6Mpa
  • Max temperature 183-201°C
  • Certification: ISO&ASME&IBR
  • Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
  • Packaging:standart export packing
  • Delivery:60days after payment
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
  • Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Product Description

Wood is one of the most important raw materials of today and the technical methods for the preservation or modification of wood are becoming more and more sophisticated. Wood is vulnerable to termites and other biological items and got destructed so its commercial value is easy to lose. The special wood preservation is necessary to avoid such shortcomings and extend the wood’s life. Wood preservation autoclave is the ideal equipment which is used for wood processing.

Due to the technical facilities for manufacturing and 70 years of experience in the industrial boilers and pressure vessel (AAC plant, industrial autoclave), ZG Boiler has become one of the most advanced and dependable suppliers in the industrial boiler areas. Therefore, we can manufacture autoclaves and systems for the most differing requirements such as size, physical load and chemical resistance.

Industrial autoclave for wood treatments

By drying the wood drying in the autoclave reactor in vivo environment of high temperature and pressure, not only can improve the stability of wood and wood products, to prevent deformation and cracking; may also improve the mechanical strength of wood, improve the physical properties of wood. Prevent wood rot and extend the life of wood products.

Among the many wood drying method, the high-pressure impregnation, heat qualitative, is quite effective one, and to achieve the high-pressure impregnation, heat qualitative purposes, it is necessary to use an autoclave wood drying equipment.

Today the treatment of wood using autoclaves, with previously programmed emptiness/pressure cycles, make it possible for the saturants to reach the interior of the wood, obtaining a complete treatment of the piece introduced, and consequently the extension of the life of the wood.

Introduction to wood preservation autoclave

In a closed environment, corrosion-resistant, after the process of vacuum and high pressure, inflame-retarding and dyeing liquid in a certain density is injected into the timber cell. Such technology makes the wood corrosion-resistant, mold-proof, and against termites, and get the inflame-retarding and dyeing result.

This series of equipment can be used in outdoor garden, landscape, villas and interior decoration of bamboo products. Our company’s wood preservation autoclave (antiseptic tank) equipment can meet almost all technological requirements including Scots pine, Canadian hemlock, Southern Pine, all bamboo, and wood materials.

Wood preservation autoclave (antiseptic tank) main part are composed by the kettle, kettle lid device, swing device, safety interlocks, bearing, insulation, sealing devices, plumbing valves and meters, etc. appendage comprises drainage and electronic control devices. Various structural design, manufacturing safe, reliable, reasonable structure, to ensure the performance of product more stable.

Technical parameters:
This device is a non-standard pressure vessel, equipment inner diameter, heating mode, the working medium, operating pressure, operating temperature, shape ruler, and many other parameters can be customized to customer demand for design and manufacturing.

Due to the small quantity of organic solution (mix of preservative and organic solvents) introduced into the wood (about 10 to 40 litters per cubic meter depending on the variety) the wood does not warp. Assembly of tongue and groove exterior siding, for example, is done as easily as if they were untreated as well as industrial autoclave for lime factory. Moreover, thanks to the preservatives used, the wood keeps its natural color and it is possible to paint it with "lasure" after drying. This process allows the use of wood up to risk level 3. This is necessary for exterior siding and other exterior woodworking). It is not adequate for level 4 use as it is obtained by emptiness and pressure autoclave. 

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