AAC autoclave (35)

AAC autoclave for glass industry in Jamaica

AAC autoclaves not only applied in AAC plant, but also in rubber industry, silicate material industry. What’s more, aac autoclave is also an essential equipment in glass industry, which is known as glass aac autoclave.

AAC autoclave for rubber industry

Industrial AAC autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature.

AAC autoclave for glass bottle

The aac autoclave for glass bottle has top and bottom two pots, the top one is used to save hot water, and the bottom one is used for sterilizing, the pre-heated hot sterilization water will flow into the bottom sterilization pot.

AAC Autoclave for Laminated Glass

AAC autoclave is widely used in many fields. And AAC autoclave is the key equipment for glass industry in the production of safety glass, bulletproof glass deep processing industry.
AAC autoclave in ZG Boiler is with the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, good after-sales service and professional technologies. It is one of the leading international industrial boiler and autoclave manufacturers.

Sterilization Autoclave for Food

The sterilization pot / autoclave is a pressure vessel for the heat treatment of the food by using the saturated steam or the hot water to the food. Sterilization pot / autoclave of ZG Boiler has the advantages of good energy saving effect, high productivity, temperature display automatic control, wide adjustment range, high control precision, corrosion resistant muffler, easy cleaning and so on.

Autoclave in Hospital

Autoclave is a large pressure vessel that can be used in hospital to sterilize such things as surgical instruments and hospital equipment. An autoclave is, perhaps, one of the most important devices in the medical field. It heats solutions above their boiling point to sterilize medical or laboratory instruments.

AAC Autoclave Concrete in Pharmaceutical

Autoclave is a key equipment in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick. The AAC autoclave of ZG Boiler is a principle and cylindrical device made of steel, and has the advantages of good quality and reliable performance.

Autoclave for Composite Manufacturing

Composite autoclave is widely used by the aerospace and ballistics industries. ZG Boiler as a leading industrial boiler manufacturer in China has 70 years’ experience in autoclave for composite manufacturing, and we have professional technologies and services, we are expert in autoclave for composite manufacturing.

AAC Autoclave for Sale in Chemical Industry

AAC Autoclave can be applied in many fields. And its application in chemical industry is becoming a trend. ZG Boiler is an expert in AAC Autoclave manufacturing and it has 70 year's experience, which is reliable and good choice for those who need AAC Autoclave.

AAC Autoclave Aerate Concrete Block

AAC Autoclave Aerate Concrete Block manufacturer. We have a sound infrastructural facility that enables us in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of AAC Autoclave and AAC plant. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as a Green Building Material, AAC does appear to have significant advantages for applications where conventional concrete would normally be the best material.

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2m×33m industrial autoclave

2m×33m industrial autoclave for sale

2m×33m industrial autoclave can be typed as side-opening, top-opening, electric opening, pneumatic opening, and hydraulic opening. Industrial autoclaves are manufactured by ZG Boiler working pressure+ More




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