Biomass fired boiler (47)

Biomass fired boiler for edible mushroom processing

Pui edible fungus planting and processing has formed an industrial chain, it is consistent with the direction of sustainable development of the country. Because white fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus and other edible fungi cycle is very short.

32 ton biomass fired steam boiler

Biomass fired steam boiler as an environmental-friendly and energy-saving product is appreciated in customers and has been developed rapidly in recent years. A 32 ton biomass steam boiler means that the boiler can produce 32 tons steam per hour for industry processing.

100 tph bagasse fired steam boiler

Bagasse fired steam boiler for sale is a type of high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental-friendly product. The 100 tph boiler adopts corner tube pattern, self-supporting structure, the problems relating to the expansion and the supporting of the boilers is tackled smartly.

Biomass fired boiler for drying palm kernel

Biomass fired boiler is used for drying palm kernel is a type of horizontal boiler, which has the advantages of small occupation, big output and high efficiency. The boiler biomass based has been widely recognized and applied in all kinds of industrial areas.

Indonesia biomass fired steam boiler for food industry

Over 10,000 industrial boilers are used by Indonesia food manufacturers. Most are small package boilers rated at 10 MMBtu/hr., although the average size is more in the neighborhood of 20 MMBtu/hr, for example 2 ton biomass fired steam boiler can also be used for food industry.

3 ton 12kg pressure biomass fired steam boiler in Sri Lanka

3 ton 12kg pressure biomass fired steam boilers is a horizontal industrial automatic chain grate stoker fire tube and water tube combined boiler in Sri Lanka. It takes biomass pellets, wood pellets, wood chips, saw dust, bagasse, cane bagasse, corn cob, lees, palm shell, tree bark branches, firewood, straw and corn cob as fuel.

2 ton biomass fired steam boiler in China

We company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying 2 ton boilers for seven decades. 2 ton boilers including 2 ton rice husk biomass fired boiler, 2 ton chain grate boiler, 2 ton oil fired boiler, etc. China 2 ton biomass fired steam boiler has the features of small occupation, big output, high efficiency and so on.

1.5 MW Lithuania rice husk biomass fired boiler for rice mill

Lithuania has reportedly over one hundred thousand Rice Mills - large, medium and small. They process paddy, using mostly the parboiling practice. The rice mills use the thermal energy of steam generated in 1.5 MW rice husk biomass fired boilers, which are fired by rice husk - a byproduct of paddy processing in the rice mills

High efficiency biomass fired boiler for sugar mill

Self-supply of energy from biomass in the biomass fired boiler for the generation of hot water, steam or electricity in the sugar mill. The boiler fuel is spayed to the furnace, which can ensure the straticulating combustion and suspending combustion, thus the combustion efficiency is enhanced in the biomass fired boiler used for the sugar factory.

30 ton 3.82MPA biomass fired boiler for power generation in Mexico

Renewable 30 ton 3.82 Mpa biomass fired boiler used for Mexico power generation can help countries meet their sustainable development goals through provision of access to clean, secure, reliable and affordable energy. Renewable energy has gone mainstream, accounting for the majority of capacity additions in power generation today.

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Chinese biomass fired power plant boiler

Chinese biomass fired power plant boiler for sale

In China, the technology of ZBG Biomass Boiler is very mature and advanced, especially the biomass power plant boiler is in the leading position in the country. Because the biomass power plant boiler + More




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