Good price of industrial coal fired boiler for brewery

Good price of industrial coal fired boiler for brewery

  • Usage: Industrial
  • Style: Horizontal
  • Structure:
  • Fuel:
  • Steam Pressure:
  • Certification: ISO&ASME&IBR
  • Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
  • Capacity:
  • Output: steam or hot water
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Packaging:standart export packing
  • Delivery:60days after payment
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
  • Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Product Description

 Last month, a brewery in Kenya ordered a 6 ton coal fired boiler in our company. Our coal fired boiler have a very good marketing in Kenya. At present, nearly 100 customers in Kenya use our coal fired boiler for Different industrial production.Do you need coal fired boilers?Are you interested in the good price of coal fired boilers?Please continue to read:

6 ton coal fired boiler
Performance advantage
Original membrane water wall structure:
The membrane water wall structure used for the power station boiler is applied to the assembled boiler, and has the advantages of large heat transfer area, good conduction effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of the furnace wall, and no ash leakage.
Innovative front and rear arch structure:
Before and after the furnace, the water wall tube extends downward to the upper part of the grate to form the front and rear arches, which increases the radiation heating surface of the furnace, and the overload capacity is stronger; the front and rear arches are made of water-cooled wall pipe and cast with high-aluminum cement to avoid The disadvantages of fracture and arch collapse have prolonged the service life of the arch.
Extended grate:
The length of the front and rear axles of the grate is longer than that of the domestic model, which prolongs the burning time of the fuel in the furnace, makes the combustion of the coal sufficient, reduces the carbon content of the slag, increases the effective area of the grate, and significantly enhances the boiler overload capacity.
Bilateral air intake:
Six independent air chambers are arranged along the longitudinal direction of the grate. Each air chamber has an independent air conditioning device to adjust the air volume of each air chamber to achieve the best adjustment of combustion effect.
As a boiler manufacturer with 73 years of production experience, our boilers are not only of superior quality, but also the price makes you satisfied.If you wanna purchase coal fired boilers or interested in the good price,contact us,plz.We will provide you with boiler details and a quotation for you to choose from.
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