Gas fired boiler (18)

SZS gas fired steam boiler

D-type fully automatic SZS gas fired boiler is an advanced high-tech complete boiler system which includes auxiliaries, such as instruments, burner, heat exchanger and control. The boiler has a D-type layout, double drums and a longitudinal layout.

Natural gas fired boiler

ZG Boiler natural gas fired boiler produce steam with capacity 1-35 ton, and adopts horizontal international popular wet-back three-pass structure, with pressure 1.0-1.25Mpa.

D type water tube boiler

This type of boiler is of double drum, vertical arrangement and “D” type furnace design with 1 or 2 burners located where the front wall stands. Inside it has an air-tight furnace structure with densely arranged tubes and air-proof casing.

10 tph gas fired boiler

10 ton SZS gas fired boiler belongs to gas fired water tube boiler. it is composed of an upper and a lower boiler barrel, membrane type water cooling wall, convection tube bundle and flue gas condensation recovery device, after the fuel us burnt in the furnace, flue gas pass through the convection tube bundle and flue gas condensation recovery device and is discharged into the chimney.

1 ton gas fired steam boiler

1 ton gas fired steam boiler belongs to WNS gas fired steam boiler, which has the features of high thermal efficiency, stable output, strong load adaptability, operated safe and reliably, high reliability and low cost of repair.

WNS gas fired steam boiler

WNS gas fired steam boiler is most usual industrial boiler in the market now.ZG has annual production capacity of 7000 tons of power plant boiler, biomass fired boiler, gas fired hot water boilers, gas fired steam boilers other special fuel boiler.

WNS gas fired hot water boiler

Gas fired hot water boiler for sale adopts horizontal combustion three return all wet back structure. WNS gas fired hot water boiler is suitable for small and medium enterprises, institutions, schools, guesthouse, hotel, Bath center and residential areas, providing heating and hot water.

SZS gas fired water tube boiler

SZS gas fired water tube boiler have steam boiler and hot water boiler.We are offering energy efficient gas fired water tube Boilers in different sizes and capacities which are easy to install and assemble. In 2012-2013, we have sold gas fired water tube boiler to many countries, for example Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.

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Gas fire tube boiler

Gas fire tube boiler for sale

As the main product of ZBG, gas boiler has been continuously innovating. At present, ZBG gas boiler is mainly ahead of other brand boilers with its small size, fast heating and high fuel burning rate.+ More




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