Design points of gas boiler room

    There are many design requirements for gas boiler rooms, many of which can be based on the design steps of general boiler rooms, but the following points should be noted in the design of gas boiler rooms:

1. The boiler room should be protected from accumulated water.

2. The floor of the boiler room should be level without steps.

3. The equipment layout in the boiler room should be easy to operate, smooth and inspect.
biomass steam boiler
4, the boiler room should have sufficient lighting and excellent ventilation and the required cooling and antifreeze tools.

5. The boiler house bearing beam and column and other components should be separated from the gas boiler or accommodate other equipment to prevent damage from high temperature.

6. There should be sufficient lighting in the operation of the boiler room and the water level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, flow meter, etc. The boiler room should have spare lighting equipment.

7. The door leading to the outdoor of the boiler room should be opened outwards, and it is forbidden to lock or latch during the operation period of the gas boiler. The door of the room or living room in the boiler room shall be opened to the boiler room. The income and expenditure of the boiler room and the passage shall be unobstructed.

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