How to choose boiler make-up pump?

    The make-up water pump is an important component in the boiler supporting system, and the boiler feed water and boiler hot water circulation are inseparable from it. The choice of a suitable make-up pump should meet the following four points:

1. The flow rate of the make-up pump should be determined according to the normal water supply volume of the hot water system and the amount of water replenishment, which should be 4~5 times of the normal water supply.

2. The lift of the make-up pump should not be less than the pressure of the replenishment point plus the richness of 30~50kpa.
gas boiler

3. The number of replenishing pumps should not be less than two, and should be used for one.

4. The feed water pump should be equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation measures.

    ZBG is willing to share more knowledge about boiler selection and boiler maintenance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and you will get a satisfactory answer.

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