Under what circumstances should the boiler stop running immediately?

    During the operation of the industry boiler, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation situation at all times. In case of safety problems, it is necessary to immediately repair and repair to prevent worse consequences. So under what circumstances does the boiler need to stop running immediately?

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(1) Boiler water shortage After the steam valve of the drum water level gauge is closed, the water level is still not visible.

(2) When the boiler is full of water beyond the water level visible on the upper part of the drum water level gauge.

(3) When the boiler is cracked in the furnace wall and there is danger of collapse or the hob beam is red.

(4) After all water level gauges are damaged.

(5) The hydraulic station is seriously damaged and cannot be built with oil pressure.

(6) When the water wall tube or the economizer tube is blasted, the normal water level in the furnace cannot be maintained.

(7) When the boiler feed water or steam pipe is blasted, it is dangerous to the person or equipment.

(8) The blower fan is damaged and cannot continue to operate.
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