Diesel oil fired boiler

Diesel oil fired boiler

  • Usage: Industrial
  • Style: Horizontal
  • Structure:
  • Fuel:
  • Steam Pressure:
  • Certification: ISO&ASME&IBR
  • Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
  • Capacity:
  • Output: steam or hot water
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Packaging:standart export packing
  • Delivery:60days after payment
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
  • Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Product Description

Diesel fired boiler is a type of boiler uses diesel oil as the fuel is heated in the tube. Diesel boiler is heated by a burner, atomization effect is quite well, fuel combustion fully, with little pollution. Compared with electric boiler, the cost of diesel boiler is lower; and diesel boiler for sale is more convenient to operate than gas fired boiler.

Using the circulating pump to force the liquid oil circulation, and then transporting the heat to the thermal equipment. At last, the oil return back the thermal oil heater. Two return structure enhance the thermal efficiency and lower flue gas temperature. Thicker insulated material layer makes radiating at minimum limit. All heaters are assembly structure which is easy for installation by just connecting system device by pipes. Intelligent system control makes diesel oil fired boiler operated easier and more sample. Controller with imitation screen display has auto igniting, burning, circulation pumps control, alarm functions.

Working principle of diesel boiler

Diesel boiler is composed of an upper and a lower boiler barrel,membrane type water cooling wall,convection tube bundle and flue gas condensation recovery device,after the fuel is burnt in the furnace,flue gas pass through the convection tube bundle and flue gas condensation recovery device and is discharged into the chimney.

Advantages of diesel oil boiler

As we know, both high pressure hot water and high temperature steam are used as heat carries in process heating systems. But at temperatures above 100℃, water and steam required a corresponding high operating pressure. In industrial heating this high temperature level is often a demand. In order to archieve the necessary high output of the process, you must design very high pressure steam boiler or water heater and this cost is very high and danger.

Diesel oil fired boiler, a special oil-based thermal fluid are used as the heat carrier-instead of water or steam. This thermal fluid also called heat transfer fluid-operates at atmospheric pressure all the way up to 300℃. Diesel oil fired boilers offter the users high temperature at very low pressure.

The diesel boilers have many multiple protective functions of over-temperature, over-pressure, water depletion, leak detection, flame out, etc.Which ensures the the stable and reliable operation of boiler. Diesel oil fired boilers are manfactured by ZG Boiler has achieved the automatic adjustment of combustion, feed water, temperature, and etc.

Boiler diesel oil based for sale

Diesel oil fired boiler for sale is widely used in chili sauce industry, chemical industry, plastics industry, coatings and automotive industries, fishery industry, bitumen industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, apparel clothing, dairy industry, washing, ironing, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, sauna and beauty, hotels, restaurants, sports, fitness and diesel oil steam boiler for plastic industry where need energy. ZG Boiler will provide best price to meet our clients’ demand. 

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