10 ton heavy oil steam boiler in brick mill

    On November 10, 2018, a brick mill in Egypt ordered a 10 ton heavy oil steam boiler from our company for the process of shaping and other processes in the production process. The 10 ton heavy oil steam boiler ordered by Egyptian customers has a pressure of 12 bar. The boiler heats up quickly and runs stably without special care.

10 ton heavy oil steam boiler parameter
Capacity : 10 ton
Pressure : 1.2MPa
Rated Steam Temperature(℃) : 204
Feed Water Temperature(℃) : 104
Thermal Efficiency : 95%
Fuel type : Natural Gas,Biogas,Heavy Oil,Light Oil 
Application : Textile Industry,Paper Plant,Food & Beverage,Heating Supply
oil steam boiler
10 tons heavy oil steam boiler in brick mill features
1. The overall structure is reasonable and compact, and it meets the conditions of fast loading. This product is composed of three parts at the factory; boiler main engine, chimney and piping system, in which the main engine and chimney part have been manufactured in the factory, the pipeline valves and instruments supported by the main machine have been randomly installed, and the main unit will be transported to the site. It can be assembled with the chimney. The air source, power supply and water pipeline can be commissioned on site to greatly shorten the installation cycle and ensure product quality.
2, the design performance is good, the boiler mainframe is a whole structure, the burner is assembled on the front smoke box cover, the main body is mainly arranged on the heating surface and the combustion chamber part. The structure is reasonable and compact, the steel consumption is low, the furnace adopts the bias waveform furnace, the thermal insulation layer adopts the new lightweight thermal insulation material, the outer packaging adopts the color thin plate, and the outer shape is packaged into a rectangular parallelepiped to make the boiler performance, weight and structural size. The appearance has good usability and aesthetics.
3. The water circulation is simple, the structure of the pressure-bearing parts is reasonable, and it can operate safely under the condition of ensuring water quality.
4, complete auxiliary equipment, comprehensive technical performance.
    If you wanna purchase ZBG 10 tons heavy oil steam boiler,you are welcome to consult ZBG online according to actual needs! We sincerely look forward to your consultation.
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