1.4 MW coal fire tube hot water boiler in Ecuador

    In order to protect the environment and increase the fuel burning rate of coal fired boilers, our engineers have continuously improved the structure of coal-fired boilers, and finally developed a new type of ZBG environmentally-friendly coal-fired boiler, which is well received by customers. On October 20, 2018, a hospital in Ecuador ordered an 1.4 MW environmentally-friendly coal fired hot water boiler for the hospital's heating and medical hot water supply. The 1.4 MW environmentally friendly coal boiler ordered by the customer has a pressure of 10 bar, which is fast and the hot water temperature is constant.

8 ton coal fire tube hot water boiler parameter
Capacity : 1.4 MW
Pressure 1.0MPa
Hot Water Temperature(℃): 95
Return Water Temperature(℃) : 70
Fuel type : Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal 
Application : Food & Beverage, Cement Plant, Coal Industry,school,hospital,etc.
coal boiler
The advantages of 1.4 MW coal-fired environmental boilers are as follows:
1, energy efficient
    The atmospheric pressure environmental protection boiler can convert black smoke into gas combustion and save coal consumption. The atmospheric pressure environmental protection boiler is provided with a double-layer grate and two combustion chambers. If the coal in the upper combustion chamber is not burned well, the combustion chamber falling below can continue to burn. At the same time, a primary air and a secondary air are also provided, and the fuel can be sufficiently burned to obtain sufficient oxygen. According to the user's on-site use comparison, it saves about 30% compared with similar large-scale coal-fired boilers, and saves about 50% compared with coal-fired boilers.
2, environmental protection standards
    The atmospheric pressure environmental protection boiler can burn all kinds of bituminous coal, and can quickly convert black smoke into gas combustion. The chimney will not emit black smoke, purify fine dust and sulfur dioxide. After monitoring, all indicators meet the national environmental protection standards.
3, reliable quality
    The steel plate of the atmospheric pressure environmental protection boiler is made of national standard steel plate. The materials are Q235A, Q235B and international seamless steel pipe. The materials are 20#, GB3087 and GB8163. The production materials and manufacturing processes are strictly in accordance with national standards. After testing, all indicators have also reached national standards.
4, operational safety
    The structure of the atmospheric pressure environmental protection boiler is very compact, the floor space is not large, the upper temperature is fast, and the operation is pressureless, safe and reliable. The environmentally-friendly pressurized steam boiler is equipped with a number of safety protection devices. When the pressure is exceeded, the safety valve automatically opens the steam to ensure safe operation.
    According to the current energy pattern of the world, the future energy demand structure is still dominated by coal in a short period of time.If you wanna purchase ZBG 1.4 MW coal hot water boiler,you are welcome to consult ZBG online according to actual needs! We sincerely look forward to your consultation.
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