15 MW biomass fired CFB boiler in Malaysia

    Yesterday, our company received an order from a textile factory in Malaysia. The customer ordered a 15MW biomass fired CFB boiler. Our biomass fired CFB boiler is the thermal energy of the biomass boiler using circulating fluidized bed combustion technology. The heat energy produced is used for power generation and large-scale heating systems. It is not easy to form slagging after the fuel is burned out, and it reduces the generation of harmful gases such as NOx and SOx, and has significant economic and environmental benefits.

biomass boiler

The combustion space of the ZBG biomass fired CFB boiler has a large combustion space, so that the fuel has sufficient burning time in the furnace, and sufficient secondary air is arranged in a layer at a certain height in the furnace to accommodate a large amount of volatile concentrated combustion. The combustibles are mixed with the air to burn, so that the combustibles can be burned out in the furnace. This type of boiler is equipped with a screen superheater in the furnace as a high temperature superheater, which fundamentally avoids the accumulation of ash in the high temperature superheater and eliminates one of the causes of high temperature corrosion caused by the high temperature superheater.
Performance advantage
Power saving:
The low pot pressure operation of the Zhengguo biomass fluidized bed boiler reduces the pressure head of the secondary fan, Roots blower and induced draft fan of the boiler, reduces the power consumption of the fan, and saves electricity by more than 30%.
Filling material:
Under low bed pressure operation, the back pressure in the furnace is reduced, the material concentration in the secondary air area is reduced, the secondary air penetration disturbance effect is enhanced, the combustion efficiency is improved, and the coal saving and biomass of the boiler are both 3 to 5%.
Low wear:
The heated surface has almost no wear and can run for more than 8,000 hours per year.
Low resistance:
A new generation of ultra-high efficiency cyclone separators with improved technology, d50 value of 12 microns and d99 value of 100 microns. The separation efficiency is over 99.6% and the total resistance is less than 1100pa.
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