15 ton blast furnace gas fired boiler in steel industry

    In the context of more stringent emission requirements and operational cost savings programs, the steel industry needs intelligent and reliable solutions to save energy and environmentally friendly process gases. The Zhengguo blast furnace gas boiler adopts the “Π” type layout front suspension back support, the filling system and the superheater are suspended on the top of the boiler, the economizer and the air preheater are arranged at the rear of the steel frame, and the air preheater can be pulled from the rear of the boiler,easy to maintain and check.

On October 19, 2018, a Ukrainian steel factory ordered a 15 ton coke oven gas boiler from our company. At present, this 15 ton blast furnace gas boiler is under inspection and can be delivered to customers after passing the test.
15 ton blast furnace gas fired boiler workshop production pictures
blast furnace gas fired boiler
15 ton blast furnace gas fired boiler parameters
Capacity : 15t/h
Rated Steam Pressure : 12.5bar
Rated Steam Temperature(℃) : 250
Water Temperature(℃) : 105
Factory Mode : Packaged
Fuel type : Blast furnace gas、Coke oven gas 
Application : Steel & Iron Industry
15 ton blast furnace gas fired boiler design
    Burners are arranged in the four corners, using vortex burners to ignite the four corners. Higher air temperature can meet the requirement of coal gas firing temperature and aerodynamic conditions, ensuring fuel gas fully burning, and preventing fuel gas and air mixture within the burner as well.
    If you want to consult the parameters or purchase 15 ton blast furnace gas fired boiler  in ZBG, welcome to directly consult Zhengzhou boiler online, we will customize the boiler for you!
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