16 ton natural gas boiler in Kuwait

    The environmental performance of gas boilers is self-evident. Except for areas where gas pipelines have not been laid, most areas can use gas boilers regardless of heating, hot water supply or steam supply, and the cost of using gas boilers is also Declining year by year. In addition to retaining the large-volume combustion chamber design that makes combustion more fully, ZBG can also emit nitrogen oxides as low as 35mg/m3. ZBGo gas environmental protection boiler is currently exported to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.On November 13, 2018, a timber processing plant in Kuwait ordered a 16ton natural gas steam boiler from our company.

16 ton natural gas boiler parameter
Capacity : 16 ton
Pressure : 1.0MPa
Rated steam temperature(℃) : 204
Shipping Weight(t) : 19
Fuel type : Natural Gas,Biogas,Light Oil,Diesel Oil 
Application : Textile plant,Heating Supply,Hotel,etc.
natural gas boiler
16 ton natural gas boiler features
1. The structure of the threaded pipe is to increase the strength and meet the needs of various parts of the thermal expansion.
2. The main welds are welded by butt joints and X-ray non-destructive testing ensures that the welding quality meets the requirements.
3. The boiler water volume and gas space are large, and the load capacity is strong. The well-designed pot device ensures that the steam belt water rate is less than 3%, which meets the high requirements of users for steam quality.
4, the use of new insulation materials, light weight, less heat loss, good insulation performance.
5. The water level alarm uses stainless steel as the electrode rod and PTFE as the insulation material. Inserted from above, it is not easy to smear, reliable performance and long service life.
6. The front and rear smoke boxes are hinged for easy opening, maintenance and maintenance are convenient and quick.
    If you want to consult the parameters or purchase 16 ton natural gas boiler in ZBG, welcome to directly consult Zhengzhou boiler online, we will customize the boiler for you!
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