2 ton diesel fired steam boiler in Egypt

 Egypt is one of the more developed industries in Africa and has a large-scale industrial system. Therefore, our company has many customers in Egypt. Several boiler projects are also running in Egypt this year. In June this year, a textile factory in Egypt ordered a 2 ton diesel steam boiler from our company with pressure of 0.8 MPa.

2 ton diesel fired steam boiler

The steam quality of the steam boiler plays a decisive role in the quality of the dyed and dried products of the textile mill, while the textile industry generally consumes a large amount of steam boiler fuel. Therefore, the choice of steam boilers at home and abroad can not only effectively improve the textile quality, increased production efficiency, and reduced labor costs and operating costs of steam boilers. The 2 ton diesel steam boiler purchased by the local textile mill in Egypt has been completely upgraded in terms of appearance and functional quality. The large-volume combustion chamber design, while increasing the sufficiency of combustion, makes the nitrogen oxide emissions as low as 35mg/m3, giving full play to the high-efficiency and environmental protection core functions of the boiler.
The low-nitrogen gas-fired steam boiler produced by ZBG can be widely used not only in domestic and foreign textile factories, but also in hospitals, garment factories, garment factories, printing and dyeing factories, food factories, beverage factories, bean products factories, and meat products factories. Steam can be supplied to enterprises and institutions such as cannery, winery, pharmaceutical, packaging, building materials, and paint plants.
At the same time, we have many tonnage furnace types, from 1 ton to several hundred tons, which can meet the needs of industrial manufacturers of different scales.If you wanna purchase 2 ton diesel fired steam boiler or other fuel type boilers,contact us,plz.
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