4 ton gas fired hot water boiler in Mexico

 Last month, a paper mill purchasing manager in Mexico ordered a 4 ton gas hot water boiler in our company. Currently, the gas hot water boiler is in production and is expected to be sent to Mexico next month.

Our gas-fired hot water boilers are mainly used in paper mills, textile mills, and food processing plants to provide heat. And our company's gas hot water boiler is fully automatic operation, micro-positive pressure combustion, no need for induced draft fan, reduce boiler system investment, reduce boiler operating costs. At present, we have exported gas fired hot water boilers to more than 40 countries and regions, and the brand influence is very far-reaching.
gas hot water boiler
Brief introduction:
Gas-fired hot water boilers use tiered combustion and FGR flue gas recirculation. The world's leading technologies in the field of low-nitrogen combustion can reduce NOx emissions to less than 26 mg/m3, which is 1/6 of the current national standard. It fully meets the requirements of low nitrogen emission standards (30 mg/m3) in the most stringent cities in Beijing and Zhengzhou, and has reached the advanced level of low-nitrogen emission combustion technology. Coupled with the high safety of the SZS boiler, the thermal efficiency of up to 98%, and the intelligent boiler IoT system, the Zheng Pan model achieves ultra-low nitrogen emissions and greatly saves energy.
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