4 ton gas fired steam boiler for milk plant

 The project was successfully installed in May 2018 and is scheduled to be operational in June to provide steam to the milk company. The project is located in Nepal. The customer purchased a 2 ton gas fired steam boiler in our company the year before. Now he purchased our company's 4 ton gas fired steam boiler because of the expansion of production scale.

gas fired steam boiler

It is important to buy a good quality boiler, which has the largest proportion of steam boilers in food plant boiler applications. Food factory steam boilers mainly transport steam through pipelines, requiring constant steam temperature, constant pressure, and even the quality of steam determines the quality of the food. The food factory steam boiler is mainly used in the process of distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying and maturation in the food processing process, and the high temperature steam is used for high temperature cooking, drying and disinfection of the food.
What the customers in Nepal purchased is the SZS series steam boilers produced by our company.The SZS series steam boiler can be regarded as the model of the special boiler for the current food factory. The most important thing in food processing is the quality of steam, which is precisely the biggest advantage of SZS. This type of steam boiler was jointly developed by Zhengguo and Xi'an Jiaotong University. It adopts “D” type energy-saving structure, which has extremely high combustion efficiency and no pollution. Although this type of boiler belongs to the type of fuel oil and gas, the SZS natural gas steam boiler has the largest occupation and is widely used in the current domestic and foreign food factory boilers.
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