75 ton coal fired CFB boiler in Vietnam

 CFB boiler can be used in Chemical Industry, Steel Industry, Heating Industry ect Because of it's High combustion efficiency.In February of this year, we exported and installed a 75 ton coal fired circulating fluidized bed boiler to a steel mill in Vietnam.This CFB boiler is mainly used to provide the heat needed in the steel making process.At present, the main part of the 75 ton coal fired CFB boiler of the project has been completed, and the installation of auxiliary equipment such as desulfurization, dust removal and off-sale is underway.

75 ton coal fired cfb boiler

CFB boiler in ZBG

product description

Based on the energy-saving circulating fluidized bed combustion technology of fluid state reconstruction, the ZBG CFB boiler overcomes the problems of high power consumption and wear of the conventional CFB boiler plant. The power consumption of the plant can be reduced by at least 30%. At the same time, the reduction of boiler wear increases the availability of the boiler, and the maintenance and repair costs are correspondingly reduced.

Performance advantage

High combustion efficiency:
Due to the intense mass and heat exchange in the fluidized bed, the unburned coal particles can increase the residence time in the furnace through multiple cycles, which is very beneficial to fuel burnout.
Wide fuel adaptability:
CFB boiler can not only combust flammable coal such as bituminous coal or lignite, but also burn non-combustible coal such as anthracite. The waste slag can be comprehensively used. The carbon content of slag is generally below 2%, and it can also burn trees. Biomass fuel such as skin and garbage.
Low pollution emissions:
CFB boiler can obtain desulfurization rate of up to 80%-90% under appropriate calcium-sulfur ratio and limestone particle size. At the same time, due to lower combustion temperature, graded air supply is used to make this type of boiler burn. The nitrogen oxides produced are also much lower than the pulverized coal fired furnace, so their sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions are low.
The 75-ton coal CFB boiler equipment has enhanced combustion and heat transfer, can reduce the volume of the boiler more, has strong adaptability to coal types, can burn a wide range of coal types, and can reduce oxides (SOX, NOX). Main features such as pollution to the environment. Therefore, based on the brand influence of ZBG, the purchase of high-efficiency boilers such as fluidized bed boilers is a wise choice for customers.

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