9 ton gas and oil boiler in Turkey

    ZBG gas and oil dual fuel boiler has been well received by customers. Since November, ZBG has exported 6 sets of fuel gas boilers this year. On October 5, 2018, a cement factory in Qatar ordered a 9-ton fuel gas boiler from our company. The boiler has been safely shipped to Qatar and successfully installed under the guidance of our engineers.

9 ton gas and oil boiler parameter
Capacity : 1-20Ton/1.4-14MW
Pressure ≤1.6MPa
Rated steam temperature(℃) : 204
Feed Water Temperature(℃) : 20
Shipping Weight(t) : 18.5
Fuel type : Natural Gas,Biogas,Light Oil,Diesel Oil 
Application : Textile plant,Heating Supply,Hotel, Food & Beverage,Garment Manufacturing
9 ton gas and oil boiler
Selection of gas and oil boiler
    In addition to considering the principle of combining technology with economy, we should also consider the owner's intentions comprehensively, and combine the opinions of environmental protection, fire protection and labor departments to focus on safety and environmental protection. Here are a few guidelines to choose from:
1, should be automated, safe and secure, with reliable automatic control and protection devices.
2. Choose a boiler manufacturer with good reputation and good after-sales service.
3. The performance of the boiler needs to be consistent with the characteristics of the user's hot steam, and the adaptability is good. When the user load changes greatly, the sensitivity is high, the traceability is fast, and the pressure is stable.
4. Select vertical or horizontal boilers depending on the location and requirements of the boiler.
5, depending on the user's steam supply time requirements, you can choose a fast boiler, generally in 3-5 minutes to provide steam.
6. Require users to provide a load curve to verify the output and performance of the selected boiler
    If you wanna purchase ZBG 9 ton gas and oil boiler,you are welcome to consult ZBG online according to actual needs! We sincerely look forward to your consultation.
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