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5 tons gas steam boiler in dairy factory

On August 29, 2018, our company sent a five-ton gas-fired steam boiler to a dairy factory in Algeria as scheduled. The 5 ton gas fired steam boiler has a pressure of 60 bar and is mainly used to dry milk into dairy products.

10 ton oil steam boiler for producing wood

On August 15, 2018, a timber processing plant in Vietnam ordered a 10 ton oil steam boiler from our company for wood processing. Our company's fast assembling gas and oil boilers of less than 20 tons are easy to transport and are favored by foreign customers.

4 ton gas steam boiler with 15bar in Singapore

On the 17th of last month, a garment factory in Singapore purchased a 4 ton gas steam boiler from our company to supply steam for ironing clothes. The pressure of the gas steam boiler purchased by the Singapore Garment Factory is 15 bar. The fuel of our 4 ton gas steam boiler used are natural gas and biogas. The 4 ton gas fired steam boiler has an operating temperature of 480 degrees and a fuel combustion efficiency of 96.3% or more.

ZBG 60t 4.0MPa Power Plant Wood Pellet Fired Steam Boiler

Wood pellets are made from natural wood.They are dry and usually have less than 10% moisture.ZBG provides three types of biomass power plant boiler: ZG Series Biomass Chain Grate Boiler for Power Plant, ZG Series Biomass Corner Tube Boiler for Power Plant and ZG Series Biomass CFB Boiler for Power Plant.Our company sent a ZBG 60t 4.0MPa Power Plant Wood Pellet Fired Steam Boiler to Jakarta the day before yesterday. This is a boiler purchased from a rice processing plant in Jakarta for power generation.

60tph coal fired steam cfb boiler for seafood industry

There are two types of coal fired boilers in our company: coal fired chain grate boilers and coal fired CFB boilers. On the 13th of last month, a seafood processing factory in Laos ordered a 60 ton coal fired CFB boiler from our company for the drying of seafood. The pressure of this 60 ton coal fired CFB boiler is 1.4 MPa, and the fuel burning rate can reach 95.7%.

15 tons biomass boiler with pressure of 20 bar in Pharmaceutical factory

Last month, a pharmaceutical factory in Egypt ordered a 15-ton bio-boiler from our company with a pressure of 20 bar.

7 ton packaged biomass fired steam boiler in Malaysia

On the 7th of last month, a Malaysian sugar factory ordered a 7 ton packaged biomass steam boiler from our company. Now our company is making this 7 ton pack

16 Ton waste heat recovery steam boiler in Egypt

As a boiler manufacturer with 73 years of production experience, ZBG continues to innovate and improve. After absorbing the advantages of similar boilers abroad, the patented waste heat boiler developed by our company for this industry is the first in China, with unique structure and economic performance. Last month, a glass factory in Egypt ordered a 16 ton waste heat steam boiler from our company with a pressure of 0.9 MPa.

Prices of 12 ton biomass boilers in Indonesia

In May of this year, a pharmaceutical factory in Indonia ordered a 12 ton biomass boiler from our company. The Indonesian customer said that although it was the first time to buy our company's boiler, the quality of our company's boiler surprised him, and the price made him very satisfied. The 12 ton biomass boiler is currently in production, and Indonesian customers said they will buy our boilers next time when they start a new project.

7 tons of coal fired steam boiler in noodle processing plants

Our coal-fired steam boilers have high heat production and low emission pollution, which is very suitable for food processing. In April of this year, a noodle processing plant in Tanzania ordered a 7-ton coal-fired steam boiler with a pressure of 1.2 MPa. According to customer requirements, our company completed the design, manufacture and installation of the boiler in four months. . The 7-ton coal-fired steam boiler is expected to be put into use in September.

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16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory for sale

On November 17, 2018, a plastics factory in Egypt consulted our company's oil-fired boilers. The customers of the plastics factory wanted to purchase a 16-ton oil-fired boiler for production.+ More




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