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3 tph gas fired steam boiler in food plant

ZBG gas steam boiler is a boiler product developed in cooperation with German technology, and all technical indicators have reached the world advanced level. This type of boiler is truly clean, non-polluting, easy to operate, and has sufficient output. For food manufacturers, food safety is very important. Our gas steam boiler can reduce emission pollution very well. Secondly, food production has strict temperature requirements. Our company's gas steam boilers have various models and tonnages to meet different production requirements.

15 MW biomass fired CFB boiler in Malaysia

Yesterday, our company received an order from a textile factory in Malaysia. The customer ordered a 15MW biomass fired CFB boiler. Our biomass fired CFB boiler

4 ton wood fired steam boiler in Thailand

This is a 4 ton wood fired steam boiler ordered by a food processing factory in Thailand two months ago. Now it has been basically finished. After the quality of the engineer is checked, it can be delivered to customers in Thailand.
SZL series biomass fired steam boilers are well known as the best design among contemporary domestic similar products with high efficiency, strong overload capacity and various fuel adaptability (biomass pallet or coal), and have reached the world's advanced level. Upper and lower drums, convection tubes, water-cooling wall tubes, down pipes and headers.

2.5 oil fired steam boiler in Turkey

Last month, our company received an order from a Turkish customer in chemical company. The Turkish customer ordered a 2.5 ton oil fired steam boiler for energy supply in the chemical production process. After receiving the order, our company started the production process in an orderly manner. Now the production of the 2.5 ton oil fired steam boiler ordered by the customer has entered the finishing work.

2 ton diesel fired steam boiler in Egypt

Egypt is one of the more developed industries in Africa and has a large-scale industrial system. Therefore, our company has many customers in Egypt. Several boiler projects are also running in Egypt this year. In June this year, a textile factory in Egypt ordered a 2 ton diesel steam boiler from our company with pressure of 0.8 MPa.

6 tons of biomass steam boilers in Tanzania

In April 2018, a food processing plant in Tanzania ordered a 6-ton biomass steam boiler from our company. The boiler has now been successfully installed and put into production in Tanzania. The 6ton biomass steam boiler ordered by our customers is our company's most classicial DZL Packaged Biomass Steam Boiler,which is widely used in paper mills, hospital heating, food and beverage processing plants. The biomass boiler pressure ordered by customers is 1.2MPA, the main fuels are Wood, Rice Husk, Bagasse, Straw, Sawdust.

4 ton gas fired hot water boiler in Mexico

Last month, a paper mill purchasing manager in Mexico ordered a 4 ton gas hot water boiler in our company. Currently, the gas hot water boiler is in production and is expected to be sent to Mexico next month.
Our gas-fired hot water boilers are mainly used in paper mills, textile mills, and food processing plants to provide heat. And our company's gas hot water boiler is fully automatic operation, micro-positive pressure combustion, no need for induced draft fan, reduce boiler system investment, reduce boiler operating costs. At present, we have exported gas fired hot water boilers to more than 40 countries and regions, and the brand influence is very far-reaching.

4 ton oil fuel heating hot water boiler in Russia

Because the temperature in Russia is extremely low in winter, the demand for heating hot water boilers is also very high. Last year, we exported a total of eight oil fuel heating hot water boilers to Russia. This is one of the oil fuel heating hot water boilers we exported to a Russian hospital. The capacity of this boiler is 4 tons and the pressure is 1.5Mpa.

4 ton gas fired steam boiler for milk plant

The project was successfully installed in May 2018 and is scheduled to be operational in June to provide steam to the milk company. The project is located in N

75 ton coal fired CFB boiler in Vietnam

CFB boiler can be used in Chemical Industry, Steel Industry, Heating Industry ect Because of it's High combustion efficiency.In February of this year, we exported and installed a 75 ton coal fired circulating fluidized bed boiler to a steel mill in Vietnam.This CFB boiler is mainly used to provide the heat needed in the steel making process.At present, the main part of the 75 ton coal fired CFB boiler of the project has been completed, and the installation of auxiliary equipment such as desulfurization, dust removal and off-sale is underway.

Hot products

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory for sale

On November 17, 2018, a plastics factory in Egypt consulted our company's oil-fired boilers. The customers of the plastics factory wanted to purchase a 16-ton oil-fired boiler for production.+ More




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