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35 ton chain grate coal fired steam boiler in Venezuela

This is a 35ton chain grate coal fired steam boiler that we exported to a paper mill in Venezuela last August.The chain grate boiler in this paper mill are use

30 ton biomass steam boiler for sugar factory

This is the 30 biomass steam boiler we supply to the sugar factory,This article focuses on the performance and benefits of biomass steam boilers.

2 ton gas fired steam boiler for Kazakhstan

This is two of 2 ton gas fired steam boilers sent by our company to Kazakhstan in may 7th,2018.

120 Ton Chemical Waste Heat Boiler Project

The 120 ton chemical waste heat boiler purchased by the large chemical industry customers to our company was applied to the 600 thousand ton / year methanol to

50 Ton Biomass Fired Power Plant Project

The project contains 2 sets of 75 ton circulating fluidized bed boilers, which for generating electricity. In recent years, biomass power plants are becoming mo

The explanation of boiler safety distance

The installation of the boiler and the construction of the boiler room are big projects. Basically, there is no need to consider where to put it or how to insta

How to choose a oil and gas fired boiler

An oil and gas fired boiler refers to a boiler that can be either oil or gas. It is a relatively environmentally friendly boiler product. Let us introduce how to choose a oil and gas fired boiler. What should be noted when buying a boiler.

90 tons power station boilers for steel plants

Circulating fluidized bed boiler is a large-scale thermal energy equipment used in thermal power plants and industrial waste heat utilization power generation industry. It has enhanced combustion and heat transfer, can reduce the volume of boiler more, has strong adaptability to coal, and can burn in a wide range. The characteristics of the coal type.

20 tons steam boiler in pharmaceutical factory

The production of pharmaceutical plants is inseparable from steam boilers. It is necessary to sterilize production equipment with high quality steam. A pharmaceutical factory chose a 25-ton circulating fluidized bed steam boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Group.

Oil and gas fired boilers application

Zhengzhou Boiler Group's WNS oil-fired gas-fired boiler is a boiler product developed in cooperation with German technology. Its technical indicators have reached the world's advanced level. This type of boiler is truly clean burning, pollution-free emission, convenient operation, and sufficient output.

Hot products

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory for sale

On November 17, 2018, a plastics factory in Egypt consulted our company's oil-fired boilers. The customers of the plastics factory wanted to purchase a 16-ton oil-fired boiler for production.+ More




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