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6 ton chain grate boiler for gas supply

The waste heat boiler of Zhengzhou Boiler Group fully recovers the high-temperature flue gas resources and can further increase the utilization rate of waste heat by more than 70%. It can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler by rationally arranging the heating surface of each part, enhancing the heat transfer of the boiler, reducing the boiler air leakage.

Heating boiler selection

The heating boilers of Zhengzhou Boiler Group have basically not adopted the steam heating system for common reasons due to various factors such as safety, energy consumption, heat loss, and convenience of heat recovery, convenience combined with other systems, and pipeline corrosion. Civil heating systems and hot water boilers are the best choices.

65 tons of gas fired boiler in Pakistan

The bulk fuel gas-fired power station boilers produced by the Zhengzhou Boiler Group are mainly used for large-scale centralized heating, thermal power plant power generation or other purposes. With the implementation of the national coal-fired boilers strong reform policy, this series of boilers will be used in the future of thermal energy equipment applications. To a very important role is an ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green products.

1.4 MW hot water boiler in Russia

QXX high-speed external circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler is one of the energy-saving circulating fluidized bed boilers of Zhengzhou Boiler Group and represents the latest development direction of CFB technology, with wide fuel adaptability, high combustion efficiency, and nitrogen oxide emissions. Low-cost, low-cost limestone furnace with excellent desulfurization, high load adaptability, and flammable use of inferior fuels.

Hydraulic door autoclave in Ukraine

The hydraulic door-opening autoclave is composed of a kettle body, a kettle cover, bearings, valve gauges and safety accessories. The rails and steam distribution pipes are laid inside. The swinging position adopts the hydraulic push rod to swing the kettle lid up and down. It is widely used in rubber products, wood drying and antiseptic treatment, heavy metal smelting, fire brick invasion and coal infiltration, glass steaming, and high pressure treatment of chemical fiber products.

Waste heat boiler for Carbon rotary kiln

Waste heat boilers are accepted by more and more industries because of their good economic and environmental benefits. Many carbon producers have also introduced waste heat boilers to recover waste energy.

Paper mill exclusive boiler

The paper mill's production process can not be separated from the boiler. In recent years, the technology of circulating fluidized bed boilers has continued to improve. More and more paper mills are upgrading. In the future, circulating fluidized bed boilers will develop faster.

Boiler suitable for the winery

How to choose the boiler used in the winery? If you want to reduce production costs, protect the environment. Biomass boilers can be selected. If you focus more on improving thermal efficiency and steam quality, you can choose a chain grate boiler. All can bring better benefits to the winery.

35 tons of waste heat boiler in Pakistan

Waste heat boilers are representative products of environmentally friendly and energy-saving boilers. It can maximize resource utilization. In Pakistan, Zhengzhou Boiler Group customized a 35-ton waste heat boiler for a company. After listening to customer feedback, the waste heat boiler has been recognized and praised by the market.

30 tons of biomass chain boiler in Colombia

The biomass chain boiler is a product that combines the advantages of a biomass boiler and a chain furnace. It is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, stable in operation, and can increase efficiency and select fuels. A Colombian company chose a biomass chain boiler and brought good returns to the company.

Hot products

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory

16 tons oil steam boiler in plastic factory for sale

On November 17, 2018, a plastics factory in Egypt consulted our company's oil-fired boilers. The customers of the plastics factory wanted to purchase a 16-ton oil-fired boiler for production.+ More




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